Our Team

gDwell, Inc. is a non-profit company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The core team members of the group came together for the Ecobox project at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte. The purpose of the Ecobox project was to use a shipping container to create an extremely affordable, comfortable housing option that was completely off-grid. This housing unit would be safe, weather-tight, and healthy to live in and use solar panels for all energy use, composting toilets, and captured rainwater for all water use. The unit would cost less than $15,000 to build.

The Ecobox team spent the 2008-2009 academic year studying the appropriate systems, designing floor plans, testing and sourcing materials and began construction of their first Ecobox in May of 2009. The box is sitting on the CPCC campus and is now proving the various concepts the Ecobox team has developed. More information about the Ecobox project is available at www.ecotainer.org

The Ecobox team was constrained to a very narrow focus---to develop one box and prove the concepts underlying the project. In order to expand the reach of these concepts to where they are needed most, the core Ecobox team created gDwell, Inc and added several essential members.

These are the gDwell team members (full bios/CVs available on request:)

You can contact any of us by using our first and last initials or just the first letter of our name, or our first name at gdwell.org (i.e. jen, js, or j@gdwell. org for jen shields. )



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