Bryan Shields

Design Team

Bryan and Jen make up the professional design core of the gDwell team. Both Shields are professional architects who also work in academia. Visiting professors at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte School of Architecture, the Shields teach seminars and studio courses in which they lead students through projects involving urban re-use, affordable housing, and many other topics.

Bryan Shields, in addition to teaching, is a project designer with residential design experience in both single- and multi-family housing. His research focus is on the mapping of social and experiential contexts in order to better situate design in the site and community. 

Jennifer Shields is a practicing architect with project design and management experience in commercial, residential, and cultural projects. Her research focus is on the transformation of post-industrial landscapes with the intent of repairing the disconnect between architecture and its cultural and temporal context.  The Shields bring an excellent eye for design to the project and help the gDwell team make sure that itís projects are functional and beautiful. 

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