D.I. von Briesen

Principal, Board Chair

D.I. is a faculty member of CPCC and initiated the original EcoBox project—he conceived it and drove the implementation and continues to make improvements to his experiment and brainstorm new ways to reduce costs and increase sustainability. D.I. would like to see housing made available for people thruout* the world from local or recycled materials in a way that does not submit them to crippling debt or prevent them from owning in the first place. Originally inspired by community-build small wooden cabins, and later by the adobe domes and vaults of renowned Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy,  D.I. has lived in and traveled around Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
D.I.'s websites include his consulting company http://knedit.com, the EcoBox project home at http://ecobox.me and http://lightuponlight.org/ and numerous others.

*through is usually spelled with an ough. Theater can be theater or theatre. Color could be colour. Why? Why is psychology not sykolajee? We can only move forward if we are willing to question backward. In D.I.'s particular case, thru makes more sense than through, and costs 42.9% less. 

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