gDwell originated in cargo container work- but this work is really about reusing existing resources, thinking non-traditionally about materials and affordability, and being creative with the spaces and materials that are available.

We envision living, working, and play spaces made from shipping containers, tents, geodesic domes, yurts, caves, factories and old schoolhouses. The single most efficient way to make something is to not make it at all, but to repurpose something that will work as well- if it is available. This leads to affordability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Current project include, in various stages of development:

Pending graphics:
  • roofless renderings
    • Night
    • side
    • cutaway
  • ecobox renderings
    • in site
    • standalone
  • ecobox floorplan
  • barrioverde plans, renderings/ etc
    • site
    • village
    • unit
  • Ticas Casitas?

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